The Awaited Event of the Year

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh, and greetings!

Do you really know what ISLAM is all about? You think you know why the Muslim girls wear hijab? What does Jihad actually means? What do the Muslims worship?

If your answers are only based on the television and your own thoughts, why not MEET a REAL MUSLIM and ask them these questions?

UCD Islamic Society brings you the most awaited event of the year, Islamic Awareness Week 2010 with the theme, ISLAM IN THE SPOTLIGHT- LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!!!

15th-19th Feb ( UCD Students Centre)


Exhibitions & Islamic Information Table

15th Feb (Theatre P Arts Building)

Open doors : 7.00pm

Idris Tawfeeq Talk

16th Feb (Theatre C Science Building)

Open doors: 7.00pm

Ali Selim talk- “Does God Exist?”

18th Feb (G102 Arts Building)


Islam for Beginners Crash Course

by: Eoin Whelan

20th Feb ( UCD Sports Centre)

Starts: 10 am

Basketball & Football Tournament- Sisters

21st Feb (UCD Asto Pitches)

Starts: 12.00pm

Football Tournament – Brothers

23rd Feb (UCD Students Centre)

Starts: 3.00pm

Mosque Tour

23rd Feb (Astra Hall, UCD)

Open doors: 7.00pm

Halal Food Festival

24th Feb (Theatre D, Science Building)

Open doors: 6.15pm

Embryology & Al Quran

by Dr Mamoun Mobayed

25th Feb (Astra Hall UCD)

Hijab Fashion Show

Open doors: 6.00pm

Any queries, contact

Brothers: 0858119467

Sisters: 087 1365670


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