UCD ISOC Post Islamic Awareness Week

Assalamualaykum WarahmatuLLAH wabarakatuh

A brief report on Islamic Awareness Week 2010

Here are a few updates on our past Islamic Awareness Week 2010 which took place from the 12th-25th February 2010. However, pictures speak more than words. Therefore, here you go!

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Here’s UCD Islamic Awareness Week 2010 documentary (which was screened for the very first time in our Halal Food Festival)

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah (Praises to God)

Thank You Allah for making these events a success.

Islamic Awareness Week- an event in creating awareness of this very beautiful deen (Islam)  to all our friends out there, to create wonderful & firm bonds between Muslims themselves as well for Muslims & friends of other beliefs. InshaAllah…

Thank You FOSIS & UCDISOC committee members for being the backbone for these events, mashaAllah

Thank You Dedicated Volunteers for the very hard work of yours.

Thank You to all our UCD & other unversities’ friends & sahabahs for participating in any of the events.


Thank You, and May Allah Repay all your deeds immensely, inshaAllah. 🙂

A video dedicated to all 😀


For any comments/ drawbacks/ suggestions on improvements regarding UCDISOC Islamic Awareness Week 2010, we’re very happy to hear it from you!


Drop us an email: ucdisoc@hotmail.com

JazakAllah khayran kathira! 🙂



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