New Committee 2010/2011

Assalamualaykum wr wbt…

On the 24th March 2010, UCDISOC had their AGM…

InshaAllah, here’s the new committee members for the year 2010/2011, inshaAllah 🙂

President : Moosa Patel

Abu Bakr Bhutta

Vice president (brother) :  Wan Hafizu Nazrin bt. Wan Mohamad Lotfi

Vice president (sister) : Nurul Jasmin Mohamed Jahafar

General Secretary : Nur Fadhilah Zubair

General Secretary 2 : Nurul Ain Hasan

Treasurer : Hassan Majeed

Welfare officer (brother) : Shahid Omar

Welfare officer ( sister ) : Siti Fasihah Muhd. Fisal

Rehla & Sports Officer (brother) : Zul A’la bin Abdul Rahman

Rehla & Sports Officer (sister) : Nur Zahidah Azhar Shafawi

IT & Multimedia Officer (brother) : Muhammad Yahya bin Ahmad Rushdan

IT & Multimedia Officer (sister) : Adilah Darmawi

Tarbiyah Officer (brother) : Hijaz Ridhwan

Tarbiyah Officer (sister) : Nur Hanisah bt Mahzuf


These are your new committee members of UCDISOC 2010/2011, inshaAllah ready to help & serve you 🙂


May Allah s.w.t. Ease them in their work for the Ummah inshaAllah.


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