University College Dublin Islamic Society

Assalamualaykum warahmatuLLAH wabarakatuh


The Islamic Society at University College Dublin (UCD) in Ireland was formed in 1991. As the number of Muslim students increased, a clear need for a society became apparent. The Society’s main aim was to improve services for the Muslim students, and to promote a proper view of the Muslims and Islam both in and outside the university. The membership of the society has been on the increase right through the 90’s. The society includes members from all faculties and campuses of the university. The members come from all over the world.

Our main activities consist of the Federation of Students Islamic Societies(FOSIS) speakers tour, which deal with the current muslim situation or describing the message of Islam to all, halal food fest with its range of diverse food types, (IAW) Islamic awareness week, charity week and of course a sports tournament.

We strive to uphold the values and virtues of Islam and increase the awareness of Islam among the students be it Muslim or non–Muslims. In addition we will build a better relationship between the students and create a harmonious society in which the students can live and integrate with each other.

1 To plan several activities for the member in order to increase the awareness of Islamic values.
2 To build a better relationship with the University and the society surrounding the Society.


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